What Do We Do

Sensors and sensor systems…

edge technology. A decision about the most suitable technology for your application is made during a joint meeting.
Active infrared, laser technology or image processing provide the basis for this.

Passenger safety…

…when getting on and off public transport is a number one priority and the reason for the development of our Trafficon series, which is without doubt one of the most innovative door monitoring systems on the market. If you are involved with bus or train doors, we recommend you take a look at Trafficon.


an under vehicle inspection system developed and patented by us, is used to automatically detect and inspect the underside of vehicles as part of safety-relevant systems while the vehicle is travelling. Please find further information about AUTO²SCAN at www.auto2scan.de.

We offer various measuring systems for the automatic measurement of wear parts on moving vehicles. Amongst other things, we have developed our very own Automatic Brake Control System to measure the brake pads of rail vehicles. And our innovative Automatic Tire Control System is designed to measure the tread depth of car tyres.

The unique selling proposition of our sensors provides you and your customers with a competitive edge. And that is…

…the main advantage!

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